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Female Libido

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Female Libido


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Home Remedies for Low Female Libido

Natural Home Remedies That Help To Increase Your Libido

Women go through numerous stages during their womanhood and these normal transitions could sometimes encounter rough terrain. Women experience hormonal changes at several occasions including menstrual cycle, pregnancy, child birth and menopause. Most women get frantic about losing their normal libido levels and sexual drive and might occasionally even get depressed about the whole issue.

Women must understand that definite reasons are associated with decrease in their sexual desires and whose prominent medical causes are associated with a dysfunctional cardiovascular system. Possible symptoms might include decrease in blood, normal blood circulation or conversely, high blood pressure. Besides diabetes and certain illnesses are major risk factors. Anxiety and depression could be another potential cause for gradual decrease in female libido.


It is always advisable to consult a doctor and exclude probable health conditions that might interfere with the normal functioning of a female hormone system leading to lowered libido. Once medical causes have been precluded women can significantly achieve higher sexual gratification through increased libido levels by following simple remedies at home.

•   Healthy Eating Habits – The primary stimulant for female libido is a diet rich in nutrients that increases vigor and vitality. A healthy intake of vitamin rich foods, flowing with minerals, calcium and energy prevents arteries from clogging, hence ensuring smooth blood flow and better circulation. Oxygen rich blood throughout the body ensures high female libido levels. In addition, women are advised to cutback on their caffeine and alcohol intake and increase water consumption. Drinking a lot of water during the day ensures rehydration, promotes optimal hormone secretion and maintains testosterone levels required for female libido.

•   Regular Exercise – Female libido is most responsive to exercise. In addition to increasing stamina and energy, exercise releases endorphins, which may help recover a women's sexual drive. A well exercised body is relaxed and scarcely troubled by sleeplessness. Women who have enough rest and energy have naturally amplified levels of sexual energy and libido.

•   Medication and Herbal Supplements – Several vitamins are known to stimulate hormone production, increase blood circulation and reduce stress and anxiety. Vitamin C for example increases blood flow, Vitamin B6, vitamin E and zinc promote secretion of essential hormones and vitamin B-complex is known to reduce stress levels. Moreover, magnesium aids in hormone production and fatty acids present in fish oil increase flow of oxygen-rich blood to deprived blood vessels.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is another hormone which is known for its beneficial effects in reinstating female libido.

Additionally, numerous herbal supplements are available in the market today usually in the form of capsules or as a concoction. Herbal remedies are usually composed of amino acid arginine, gingko, ginseng, damaina and yohimbe. Women are advised to initiate vitamin, hormonal or herbal therapy only after consultation with their physician.

•   Adequate Relaxation – Techniques to troubleshoot stress, strain and anxiety must be included in the daily regimen for clearing the mind and relaxing the body. Yoga and meditation are age old proven practices to liberate women from undesirable mental pressure.

Finally, sharing your concerns and dilemmas with your partner and discovering ideas for mutual sexual contentment can be immensely helpful in strengthening emotional connectivity.


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