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Female Libido

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Female Libido


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Male And Female Libido

Libido is described as a person’s desire or drive to have sex. This desire for sexual activity may vary from one person to another and may often depend on many factors. There are many circumstances that may alter a person’s libido; these may be due to biological, psychological or social factors. There may also be people who have an increased appetite for sex while others may suffer from illnesses and medical conditions that can lower their libido. Experts believe that there is no measure for a normal person’s sex drive but there are techniques to increase a person’s decrease sex drive.


The Differences Between Male & Female Libido

The desire to have sex may differ among men and women.  Men may have a stronger desire to have sex and may sustain his libido until he reaches a ripe old age. Female libido on the other hand may decrease over time; these may be due to many factors. Among these factors are hormone levels, metabolic diseases, age, emotional stress and many other activities and events that can lower sexual drive.

Males may become sexually active as he reaches his teens; aging and diseases may affect his libido but he can still have a drive for sex when stimulated. Women may have varying degrees of sexual drive month after month; medical experts agree that this is normal for any women. Libido among women may drop as she enters her golden years and these may be due to many factors as well.

Lack of sexual appetite among women may become a reason for problems concerning intimacy. This may endanger relationships and marriages which is one of the many reasons as well to seek professional help. There are medications and therapies that a woman with decreased libido can take; it is through a thorough examination and diagnosis can a woman conquer her decreased libido for good.




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