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Female Libido

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Female Libido


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Symptoms of Low Female Libido

What Are The Symptoms You May Experience?

Low female libido can have many symptoms. These symptoms may be seen as physical, emotional, social and sexual symptoms. A woman may naturally feel a decreased sexual drive due to hormones that influence her monthly cycle but apart from these are physiological reasons to have low appetite for sex like illnesses, medications, psychological problems and many other factors.

The absence of sexual drive is the most obvious symptom of all. She may also feel pain during intercourse since she may experience vaginal dryness due to lack of vaginal stimulation. Other noticeable symptoms would be increased irritability, lack of concentration, lack of appetite for food, depression, fatigue and anxiety. A woman with decreased libido may also be asymptomatic; her lack of sexual drive may only be seen during the sexual act. She may not feel pleasure during sex and may not reach orgasm as well.


Some women on the other hand may still have the appetite for sex but her body may not just want to have contact at all. This may seem odd but it is common in women who may have hormonal problems or illnesses that may cause hormonal imbalances.

These symptoms may not only affect their physical and sexual nature but also affect their social relationships as well. A decreased in libido may greatly affect close personal relationships and married life. Some couples may go as far as separating because of a decrease in sexual desire on a woman’s part. Low female libido therefore must be treated and visiting a medical expert is the best way to start treatment.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is best to seek medical help at once. Your doctor can diagnose and give appropriate treatment for your condition as well as give you advice on the proper technique to handle low female libido.




  Treatments For Low Libido In Women

  5 Natural Remedies Healing Female Sexual Dysfunction


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