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Female Libido

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Female Libido


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Treatments for Low Female Libido

Multi-system Approach To Bring Back Your Libido

Contrary to popular belief, there is no one step cure to increase libido in women. There may be an alarming quantity of female aphrodisiacs marketed online but this is just to address symptoms of low libido in women. A better approach to treat a decreased sex drive in women is to have a multi-system approach to the problem itself.

•   Since one of the main causes of low libido in women is an underlying illness, it is the best option to treat her illness to ultimately address her low libido. Medications prescribed to cure illnesses and to manage symptoms must be taken regularly. Estrogen therapy is often done for women who experience low libido due to hormonal imbalance. Systemic estrogen may be delivered orally via a pill, intravenous injections and even subcutaneously through a patch or a gel which can help correct hormonal imbalance during menopause and certain illnesses.

•   Low libido in women may also be caused by several psychological problems like anxiety, depression, etc, it is important that a woman seek counseling for her condition. A sex therapist can help a woman address her low sex drive; exercises, therapies and sex education may help improve her condition and bring back her drive for sex.

•   Low libido in women may have to be treated together with her partner. They can seek counseling or therapies to bring back the fun and spice to their sex life. Settling personal conflicts and problems as married couples may also help a lot in bringing back a woman’s sex drive.

•   The couple must realize that low libido in women must be resolved as a couple as well. They can try several techniques to rekindle the sexual fire that they once had. A new sexual position perhaps, a dream vacation for two or using sex toys and foreplay before having sex may also help. Consider watching adult movies, doing role play sex games, playing interactive sex games and many other fun and sexy activities done as a couple. These can surely bring back the fun and the fire in your sex life in no time at all.

•   An open communication with her partner may end a woman’s low sex drive. With an open dialogue about your likes and dislikes plus communicating what a woman needs to become sexually satisfied, a woman may be able to conquer her low libido. A happy person may also have a happy sex life; chances are when a woman resolves all her personal conflict with her partner, her sex life will truly improve as well.

•   Exercise is also seen as a promising way to increase libido in women as well as in men. Exercise strengthens the entire body, lowers calories, releases stress, improves a person’s stamina and also increases self esteem which can effectively bring back a woman’s sex drive.

•   Lastly, a woman may get her sexual appetite back through coping with daily stressors in life. She should learn how to manage anger effectively and be able to use anxiety to her advantage. Learning techniques to relax and release stress may also help.




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