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Female Libido


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Valentra Reviews

About Valentra

Valentra is a natural herbal cream for local application to enhance female libido. It is water based herbal formulation for women. It contains chemical, allergen and irritant free formula for elevated fulfillment during sexual encounters.

It recommended for women during their post-menopausal period, woman who are tired faking an orgasm, women suffering from the female sexual dysfunction syndrome, women who have just delivered or women on anti-depressant drugs experiencing loss of libido.

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How The Product Works?

Valentra is a hormone free alternative to most female libido enhancers, which it contains natural aphrodisiacs that increase a woman's sexual desire. The product is to be applied on mucus membranes under the clitoris. The herbal blend is activated after a 90 second wait time and the female libido  levels are maintained even after a considerable amount of time has passed post-application. The topical application causes a tingling sensation and a warming effect in women and increases blood flow to genital organs. It increases the sexual responsiveness in women and its hypo-allergenic, water based pH balanced formula continually moisturizes and revitalizes tissues for greater sexual pleasure.

The product ingredients include Damiana leaf, Ginseng, Wild Yam and Peppermint leaf for enhancing female libido. Damiana leaf optimizes production of the female hormone progesterone. It has beneficial effects on the sympathetic nervous system, reproductive, digestive, urinary and respiratory systems. Damiana is also effective in combating vaginal dryness. Likewise, Ginseng expands constricted blood vessels and increases blood circulation.

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Wild Yam restores normal hormonal balance in women, which in turn relieves women of erratic moods and restores their normal sexual desire. Diosgenin, which is a substance similar to steroids, is contained in Wild Yam and has been known to increase fertility in women. Wild Yam is also a de-stressor and female libido enhancer.

Peppermint leaf is used for lubricating the contact area. Peppermint leaf also acts as a medium to transport substances into cells and helps during effective absorption of the herbal formula into deprived, constricted and dehydrated tissues. Peppermint promotes a sense of overall well-being by strengthening and rejuvenating the mind, alleviating tension and anxiety and promoting equanimity of temperament by counteracting mood swings.

Valentra ingredients are transmitted using L-Arginine HCl, an amino acid which ensures optimal absorption of innovative herbal composition. Powerful antioxidants contained in Vitamin A, C and Vitamin E complex promote nutrition without negative health implications.

The effectiveness of Valentra is explainable by its transdermal technology and naturally stimulating ingredients. Collaborative efforts by the research team and Pharmacology professionals created Valentra in a laboratory that has been endorsed by FDA.

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Is The Product Safe?

Valentra is approved by FDA and can be safely used with widely available latex condoms. It is a perfect herbal blend, women need not worry about side effects or adverse reactions. The uses of pure natural ingredients that have never caused any reported instances of allergic reactions or even mild irritation. The product is also free from artificial perfumes, dyes, oils or substances that might cause irritation.

It is very safe and gentle and restores the normal sexual balance in woman on a gradual basis. In fact, the efficacy and safety far surpasses most products targeted at female libido enhancement in today's competitive market.

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Valentra Libido Enhancer
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